bridal HAIR & MAKEUP

2 day course £1,250 gbp | $1,750 cad
4 DAY COURSE £2,500 GBP | $3,500 CAD


Bridal Hair & Makeup Diploma Certification

Class Hours:

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our Bridal Makeup Program has a proven history of turning students into full-time Pro Makeup Artists. Under the mentorship of our internationally renowned faculty, you will develop extensive makeup knowledge and technical ability, alongside the outstanding communication and self-marketing skills needed for a successful career.

Moving beyond theory, you’ll gain countless hours of practical experience. We’ll immerse you into a real-life makeup environment and advanced training with international experts. You’ll take part in a series of professional photoshoots, capturing your work in an industry-standard Portfolio.

Any successful makeup artist knows that professionalism and communication are just as important as your technical and artistic abilities. That’s why we dedicate so much time to helping you develop confidence, maximise your professional potential and hone your communication skills. We do more than teach you how to perform great makeup. We prepare you to become an industry professional.


  •  Introduction

    • Introductory Infection Control Training

    • What are Blood Borne Pathogens?

    • Infection Control Legislation

    • The chain of infection

  • Types of Blood-Borne Diseases

    • HIV and AIDS

    • Hepatitis B Virus

    • Hepatitis C Virus

    • Skin Diseases

    • Other Viruses

  • Infection and Work Practice Controls

    • Cross Infection

    • Reducing Risk

    • Body Fluid Cleanup Procedures

    • Hazardous Disposal Procedures

    • Glove Removal and Disposal

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Exposure Incident

    • Safe Injection Practices

    • Testing and Counselling

Upon completion, you with be awarded a CPD Accredited Certificate BEAUTY THERAPY INFECTION CONTROL LEVEL 2 (VTQ) that you will be able to download right away. Please note you must complete this part of the training before proceeding to the practical.



All makeup artists begin with a good foundation. This introductory level will develop a solid base of skills and knowledge to build upon throughout the program. Face shape, eyes, lips, and brows take centre stage as you learn the essentials of makeup application and explore colour, texture and light. Learn to care for the skin and work with different skin types, tones, ages and ethnic groups. Develop techniques for blending, contouring, shading and highlighting through practical applications in daytime and evening makeup and classic, natural, glamour and dramatic styles. Learn industry standards for cleaning and hygiene and develop hands-on product knowledge with industry professionals.


Learn to create flawless bridal makeup and elevate bridal bliss to the next level. This module will focus on wedding makeup, exploring both the business and creative sides of this lucrative industry. Our expert instructors will train you in bridal makeup consultation to identify the project’s scope, budget, and schedule and teach you how to negotiate a wedding makeup contract. You will create and apply traditional, contemporary, ethnic and avant-garde bridal makeup styles and learn the secrets of flawless, sheer and natural bridal makeup. We’ll coach you in working with different skin types and styles and show you how to incorporate bridal gowns and accessories into your makeup designs. Learn to work with a  photographer as you experience a professional bridal photoshoot and begin compiling your portfolio images.



In this career-coaching intensive, we’ll help you create a personal marketing strategy and polish your professional style. We will take an inventory of your skills and explore the limitless possibilities available within the makeup industry. Learn how to build professional and client relationships. Develop effective communication skills and confidence to network and speak publicly. It’s like boot camp for your professional image. Technique meets technology as you develop the digital tools to make your marketing plan come to life. Optimize your photoshoot images by manipulating, formatting and retouching with Photoshop, and learn how to synthesize your work with other digital content. Design a business card and produce a multimedia presentation. We’ll give you a portfolio masterclass so you can design and compile a professional portfolio that showcases your unique artistic and entrepreneurial talents. These contemporary marketing tools will create impact and results as you begin your career as a professional Freelance Makeup Artist.


  • Graduate with an Accredited Diploma recognized internationally

  • 1-year support from the House of Kaurture Team

  • FREE refresher class, we offer all our students the opportunity to take a free refresher class within their first year

  • Please note, we train our students 1on1, up to two students max. This ensures focused learning and better value for your investment.

  • Opportunities to join House of Kaurture International 

  • * Bonus! Manual, Contract & Aftercare forms for you to keep & use for your own business!

Upon completion, you will be awarded TWO nationally recognized certifications

1. Beauty Therapy Infection Control

2. Bridal Hair & Makeup Diploma

Both certificates are approved and accredited. These qualifications will help you start your own business or get employed.

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